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How to find low-cost packing and moving services in India?

You should opt for affordable packing and moving services, not low-cost ones. Think of it for a moment. Why would anyone do business without any profit? If some packers and movers offer service below the industry standard price, stay away from them. It is not possible to run a business with any profit. They might be up for any fraudulent activity.

How much do packers and movers charge for house relocation?

The charges of house relocation depend on goods quantity, weight, quality of packaging, Moving truck size, Distance travelled to a destination, Location demand, Insurance, shifting time, labour requirement, GST, Toll fees, and additional services (if you take). It will change accordingly. We cannot tell you the exact price. You can check the estimated charges on our website.

Why should we hire packers and movers for house shifting?

Packers and movers have experience in house shifting. They have done shifting multiple times. They understand the whole process, such as proper examination of goods, pleasing and organized packaging, proper lifting and loading arrangements, faster delivery, and proper care during delivery. They save a lot of time and offer cost-effective solutions.

How do I find trusted packers and movers?

Finding packers and movers who are reliable and trusted is a challenging task. You can take reference from your family or friends who have taken moving service. You can search them online and judge their service by reading self-created fake reviews. The better option is to hire Asknavigator. You will get the best packers and movers from Asknavigator in just 10 minutes. We have completed 15,000+ shifting in 2 years. That's how much our customers trust us.

What are the best ways to move your vehicle?

Packers and movers can help you move your vehicle to the desired location. Many transporters provide vehicle shifting, but packers and movers have expertise in it. You can check the Asknavigator website to find people to move your vehicle.

Why is the self-shifting of household goods not a good idea?

Many people try to save money by self-shifting but end up with injuries and wasting money. Self-shifting is a soul-wrenching task. You have to do everything yourself. Many things can happen that will lead to physical injury, goods damage, and time & money wastage. You will procrastinate by seeing many in-hand tasks. Poor planning and improper packing can damage your goods. You will incur injuries while lifting the packed goods. So, drop the idea of self-shifting and Hire Asknavigator instead.

What is the complete process of packer and mover on office relocation?

Office relocation is a challenging task. But packers and movers relocate your belongings to another location safely. Here is the brief of the whole

1.) Visiting the office and inspecting the quantity of office belongings.
2.) Making a checklist of the whole inventory.
3.) After the on-site inspection, they will give the cost estimation to you.
4.) If you agree, they will sign the quotation and start the work.
5.) Their team will reach 1 day before Transportation to pack your goods.
6.) Disassembling big goods like furniture and electronic appliances.
7.) They will pack the goods carefully and label them with tags.
8.) The goods will be loaded on a truck with proper arrangements on the scheduled date.
9.) The truck will depart to the drop location. The delivery will take time.
10.) The Goods will reach your destination on time.
11.) The team will unload all the goods. You unpack them and examine their conditions.
12.) Pay the total amount of the service to close the deal.

When will be the best time for office shifting?

The best time for office shifting is when you have to pay less than usual and get smooth delivery without any traffic rush. The best time depends on the date and day of shifting.

Date: Avoid the start or end of the month and festival seasons. Generally, people get their salary or bonus during these times. High demand during these times can increase shifting charges. Choose mid-month for shifting (probably from Day 10 to Day 22).

Day: Weekdays are a suitable option due to less traffic rush on regular days. People have free time during weekends and public holidays. They prefer to shift during these days. So, schedule your shift during weekdays (probably from Tuesday to Thursday).

How to save yourself from fraud packers and movers?

You can save yourself from any fraud by observing their actions, such as

1.) If they are offering very low-cost service, Stay away from them

2.) Avoid paying any upfront deposit

3.) Ask for cost estimation and check whether they are overcharging you or not

4.) Ask for their physical office address or visit the office (if you can)

5.) Verify their GST registration number

Why do we need Insurance for house relocation?

During house relocation, you may face an accident that damages and destroys your household goods, or someone might steal them. The chance of an accident is higher on long-distance moving. So, Insurance acts as a guaranteed protection. You will get monetary compensation for any damage to your household goods.

How to deal with a packer and mover?

Dealing with a packer and mover is easy when you hire Asknavigator. We offer the best of the best packers and movers across India. You will get the best 3 options from which you can choose a reliable packer and mover. But still, remember these things while dealing with them, such as Dealing with a packer and mover is easy when you hire Asknavigator. We offer the best of the best packers and movers across India. You will get the best 3 options from which you can choose a reliable packer and mover. But still, remember these things while dealing with them, such as

1.) Verify their business documents like GST, Company Pan card, and registration

2.) Get a brief shifting quotation with all taxes and extra charges mentioned.

3.) Read the moving quotation before signing it and collect the shifting bill (Invoice)

4.) Check the quality of packing materials used for household goods packaging

5.) Verify the Insurance documents provided by them (check whether the Insurance is real or fake)

What is the GST rate for house moving?

The GST rate for house moving will be 18%. This rate is charged for complete services like Packing, Loading, Transportation, and Unloading.

How do you calculate the transportation cost of house relocation?

The transportation cost depends on the size of a vehicle, Inflated fuel rate, Distance travelled to the drop location and quantity of luggage. It will vary according to your requirements.

How can we save money while house shifting?

Saving money takes effort. We are mentioning various methods which you can perform to save money.

1.) Keep your luggage less. Only shift the necessary luggage you are using. Sell or Donate non-useful ones.

2.) Bring your own packing materials. If you know how to pack any goods, you can save money.

3.) Always schedule your shifts on weekdays. There is no demand during these particular days. Less demand means fewer charges and faster delivery.

4.) Opt for shared Transportation if you have less luggage. It will reduce your charges by 15-25%.

5.) Collect your shifting Invoice (Bill) to claim tax benefits.

Why is Asknavigator a better option for packers and movers?

Asknavigator is an aggregator platform connecting packers and movers with suitable customers. But what makes us a better option for packers and movers?

Our every lead is thoroughly verified, and we are very transparent regarding the shifting requirements of customers. We can provide different queries if you dislike working with a particular lead type.

Even if you get an invalid lead, you can claim a refund. Also, We share one lead with only 3 Genuine packers and movers. The best thing is that our package is a very high value compared to its pricing.

How do fraud packers and movers extort money?

There are many ways fraud packers and movers use to extort money, such as

1.) Stealing your expensive household luggage

2.) Overcharging

3.) Capturing your household luggage during delivery and demanding high prices in exchange for it

4.) Charging you for Fake Insurance coverage

How much do packers and movers charge for Insurance?

Insurance is an optional service. If you take Insurance, it will cost 1-3% of total household or office luggage. The fee percentage will change according to the Distance travelled to the destination and the quantity of luggage.

Why is planning necessary during house moving?

Planning gives us the idea of different tasks necessary for moving. You can save money by deciding your shifting time, choosing affordable movers by comparing many prices and keeping less luggage by decluttering them for moving. The moving process is very tiring. You can prioritize your tasks accordingly and save yourself from unnecessary hassle.

What are the best precautions we should take during office moving?

Here are some precautions required during office moving:

1.) Make a checklist of all office belongings. You don't want to leave anything behind.

2.) Examine the quality of packing materials. Low-quality packaging can harm your expensive machine and electronic appliances.

3.) Hire packers and movers and schedule your shifting time in advance.

4.) Remember to prepare the moving bag for emergencies. Keep the Cash amount, some clothes, Bathing, and a makeup kit with you.

5.) Collect your moving invoice and use it to avail of Tax benefits.

6.) Disassemble the electronic appliances (if possible) and pack them carefully.

7.) Make a proper moving contract with packers and movers and read it carefully before signing it.

How do packers and movers provide Insurance?

Packers and Movers are collaborating with the Insurance companies. They act as an Insurance agent and offer Moving Insurance to you. They even provide relevant Insurance documents if you take Insurance from them. You only have to check the Insurance's authenticity because some offer fake Insurance.

What are the legal actions against fraud packers and movers?

Before taking any legal action, try to discuss the issue. It will cost nothing compared to legal actions. But still, they don't apologize for their mistake and correct their wrongdoings, then take the following steps.

File a Consumer Complaint under section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act 1986. You can file the complaint online. Consumer forums resolve these types of issues. It has less expenditure in comparison to any civil legal suit. You can even fight your case.

You can simultaneously file an FIR under section 421 of the IPC under FRAUD. If your goods are insured, and you claimed the cover, FIR is still applicable for insured goods.

How will unreliable packers and movers commit fraud?

The unreliable packers and movers use various methods of fraud, but two of them are very common: Low-cost and Legal Traps.

Low-Cost Trap:The fraud ones will try to attract you by offering low-cost moving services. The price will be unreasonably low. So, you let them shift your goods. They will capture your luggage and ask for more money in exchange for it.

Legal Trap: Here, packers and movers use legal ways of fraud. They will add many clauses in the contract that will benefit them by overcharging you and extorting money in the name of Insurance. They wouldn't pay you any compensation for losses, thanks to loopholes in the contract signed by you.

Which type of moving Insurance is suitable for every customer?

A particular Insurance is only suitable for some customers. The insurance type and coverage depend on the shifting requirements.

In-Moving, Insurance is only applicable on declared luggage during delivery. That means you will receive insurance protection only when damage is done during Transportation. It costs 1-1.5% of declared luggage. This Insurance is suitable for short distances and small household luggage.

Full Value Moving Insurance applies to the complete shifting process. You will receive compensation for damage to goods while packing, loading, Transportation, and unloading. It costs 3% of total declared goods. This Insurance is suitable for long-distance and large household goods.

How do packers and movers work in India?

The packer and mover's work are divided mainly into 3 steps:

Pre-moving survey (on-site inspection and cost estimation)

Packing (organized packaging of goods by using different packing materials)

Moving (Goods are loaded on trucks for delivery. It will reach on scheduled time)

How to safely transport your Car?

If you are transporting your Car to another state of India, Obtain NOC from RTO. After that, Re-register the vehicle in another state (where the Car is transported). Then, Hire Asknavigator for car transportation. We will transport your Car safely.

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