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Finding Trusted Packer and Movers with great quality services is not that easy. But AskNavigator does the Job for you and Shortlisted the Best Packers and Movers in Bangalore. Relocation businesses listed on our website are not just only the documents verified, but they also have the years of customer satisfaction history with our users. and even after years of good feedback from the users we still continually monitoring the service quality of the Business listed with us.

So to Avoid Any Fraud, Choose Packers and Movers Only from Asknavigator and Ensure your Safe Moving From Bangalore.

  • K

    KP Packers Movers

    4.4 (1646 Reviews)

    Fast Moving Premium Packaging Outstanding Reviews Fixed Rates
    7 AM - 10 PM 8 Years Experience
    Recent Review4.4/5Mohit Sharma
    I am Fully satisfied with Your Service and defiantly recommend to others. Staff is very polite and professional
  • A

    AskRelocation Packers Movers

    5 (1345 Reviews)

    Low Price Premium Packaging Live Tracking Outstanding Reviews
    9 AM - 9 PM 3 Years Experience
    Recent Review5/5Deepak Thakral
    Awesome service. I had shift in very smoothly. Staff are very polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend Asknavigator to Others. Thank you Team. Very good service. Keep it up.
  • K

    Khatu Syam Packers & Movers

    4.6 (643 Reviews)

    Low Price Premium Packaging Outstanding Reviews Polite
    9 AM - 9 PM 2 Years Experience
    Recent Review4.6/5Anand Rathee
    Asknavigator ne bahut help ki humari. Hume acche and verified packers and movers mile. Acchi service dene ke liye thanks 😊
  • B

    Bhardwaj Packers

    4.7 (124 Reviews)

    Fast Moving Premium Packaging Outstanding Reviews 100% Luggage’s Safety
    9 AM - 9 PM 2 Years Experience
    Recent Review4.7/5Hansraj Lather
    Very Fast... 1 din ke ander hi Saara kaam ho gya or saath hi saath prices bhi bahut hi jyada kam tha.
  • A

    ARC Packers

    4.6 (456 Reviews)

    Fast Moving Premium Packaging 100% Luggage’s Safety
    9 AM - 9 PM 7 Years Experience
    Recent Review4.6/5Usha Rathee
    I was unsure before but finally get authentic and affordable service. They had taken care of everything and thanks for good experience.

Packers and Movers Charges in Bangalore

Calculating the exact price for the Service like Packing & Moving is not that easy even also for packers and movers. sometimes you get a huge difference between the pricing offered by the movers.

The prices of the service depend on many factors. But to get a nearby estimation of the cost of the service we make a pricing estimation for you. but it’s doesn’t mean that you must get the service at this price. this is just a range price so you can expect near to this.

Compare the prices from 3-4 Packers and that will be the exact range of your moving cost. Remember if someone quotes you much lower than the range, this may be a sign of Fraud.

Shifting Items 1 KMs - 20Kms 20 KM - 40KMs
Few Household Items Rs. 1,500 - 3,000 Rs.2,500- 6,000
1 BHK Rs. 2,500 - 6,000 Rs.5,000-14,000
2 BHK Rs. 4,000 - 10,000 Rs.8,000-20,000
3 BHK Rs. 5,000 - 11,000 Rs.9,000-30,000
Small Office Moving Rs. 12,000 - 18,000 Rs.15,000-40,000

Review of packers and movers in Bangalore

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma4.4/5KP Packers

    I am Fully satisfied with Your Service and defiantly recommend to others. Staff is very polite and professional

  • Usha Rathee
    Usha Rathee4.6/5Arc Packers

    I was unsure before but finally get authentic and affordable service. They had taken care of everything and thanks for good experience.

  • Anand Rathee
    Anand Rathee4.6/5Khatu Syam Packers

    Asknavigator ne bahut help ki humari. Hume acche and verified packers and movers mile. Acchi service dene ke liye thanks 😊

  • Hansraj Lather
    Hansraj Lather4.7/5Bhardwaj Packers

    Very Fast... 1 din ke ander hi Saara kaam ho gya or saath hi saath prices bhi bahut hi jyada kam tha.

  • Deepak Thakral
    Deepak Thakral5/5Askrelocation

    Awesome service. I had shift in very smoothly. Staff are very polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend Asknavigator to Others. Thank you Team. Very good service. Keep it up.

Cost Saving Tips

Shifting from one place to another is a headache for many people as it involves a lot of changes, planning, and hard work. In this situation, the packaging process of household materials and shifting them to other places makes it an even complex task. You can get rid of this migraine if you hand over the packing and moving work to any reputed and trusted company. This small step will reduce almost 70% of your burden, and you can focus on your other work.

Most of you might be worried about the high charges. Through this article, you will come to know about the best tips for cost-saving on packers and movers. To save money on your moving, you must know about how packer’s movers in Bangalore work and the things affecting your moving cost. So let’s define both things.

1. Use Asknavigator to Compare Prices

It is quite common that whenever a person invest their money in any field, they make a comparison to find the best at the least price, it is a symbol of a smart person the same goes for the Packers and Movers company, but this process is time-consuming, you can save your time with the help of Asknavigator. Asknavigator has collected an enormous amount of data on the best mover and packer companies. Apart from this, Asknavigator also provides an overall comparison and a list of the services given by different companies. Ultimately, Asknavigators will help you in finding a perfect matched company for your work.

2. How Packers Movers do work in Bangalore? (Home Relocation Process)

From packing your luggage to moving it from one place to another with safety, the companies own responsibilities. The unpacking process and everything is done in a specified manner that follows several steps. You need to know the complete process through which your luggage is packed and moved from one place to another. It all starts with listing your luggage and ends with bills. Later on, you can easily find new methods to cut off the extra cost and avoid high bills.

First, they inspect your luggage and estimate the following things:

  • Packing Material Cost
  • Labour Requirement
  • Loading & Unloading EffortsVehicle to use for the Moving
  • Use of Dedicated or Sharing Vehicle
  • Transportation Cost
  • Unloading charge
  • Insurance Charges
  • GST On Bill

They will inspect nearly all your heavy items such as Refrigerators, Television, Inverter, A.C, the total number of Beds, and more. It will provide them the spacing knowledge to the authorities. Accordingly, they will arrange the packaging materials and the total number of labor required to load the items. It is always better to avoid extra luggage and other pieces of stuff which are waste. Before you contact any company, you should pick the unnecessary and un-required items out of the list to make sure those things are out of the packaging as they will ultimately increase the bill amount.

After the Inspection, they will tell you the exact moving cost, and if you book the Relocation Service with them, they come to your home & do the Packing and Loading of Luggage. Then they will meet you at your new location with your belongings and unload the things (If Unloading Included). Sometimes Packing Materials is Reusable, and they will take the material with them.

It is always better to go for an unloading option because it will help you save your time and energy. Few companies may offer discount prices on several packages. Try to provide them with all the necessary details about your luggage to avoid any misunderstanding. Along with unloading, several companies offer you the option for rearrangement in this way you can instruct the workers and arrange your luggage in a short period without spending any energy.

And that’s How you relocate from Bangalore & how do the Movers and Packers work.

3. Know Which Things Are Affecting the Moving Cost

If you want to save yourself from your bill’s extra cost, you should know the factors affecting the overall moving cost. Before you start worrying about your bills, you should first inspect your luggage by yourself and make a genuine list of the items you have included in your moving items. Several factors affect your overall cost and a smart choice of things can have a crucial effect on your bills. It can be the extra waste item of your packing list, luggage insurance, the vehicle you choose or required for the movement, and the list show on below.

3.1 Luggage Quantity, Weight & Area it needs

The total number of items included in the luggage has a direct impact on your final cost. As the luggage Quantity increases, the area required to adjust this luggage also increases. Ultimately, it increases the vehicle’s size that will be used in the procedure of movement of the luggage. Big vehicles have high charges. The weight of the luggage will increase laborer’s number and, hence, increase the labor cost for loading and unloading the items. Items such as Inverter, Refrigerators, sofa, almirah, and other heavy pieces of stuff will increase the charges. If any of these heavy items have mechanical defects and are unnecessary, make sure to sell them before moving to the new place.

3.2 Distance Between Moving Locations

The distance between the location affects the charges depending upon the package plan. It can be a movement to a local area, a different city within a country, or a movement to a divergent country (performed by only a few companies). Moving the luggage to the local area is cheap because it does not involve any addition of high taxes on the items and travel cost compared to the movements in different cities includes extra transportation charges and few others. Moving to a divergent country will be an expensive deal with high charges per package.

3.3 Floors of Moving Locations

The floor on which you will be shifting your luggage will also be added to your bills. As the number of floors increases, the labor load increases, and the labor charges are raised upwards. It is difficult for the workers to shift the luggage on the upper floors and the chances of an accident also get higher. By keeping all these points in mind, the company owners charge high prices to those who have to shift their luggage to the upper floors. Depending upon the exact destined floor, the price varies if it’s possible to be on the first floor, choose the one for yourself.

3.4 Ask for Snapshot

The Company’s methods of packing are included in snapshots. This snapshot will help you know the cartoon’s quality, material using in your packing. Are the companies providing waterproof packaging? Will they take away the packing materials with them? Information about the loading-unloading process, Labours used in the packing process, total packaging time, and a few more information are provided within the snapshot. It will give you an overall idea of the packaging process.

3.5 Insurance

Insurance of your luggage is a tricky point. No doubt, if you go for Insurance, your bill amount will increase, but it’s significant to ask yourself a few questions before you go for Insurance. Do you need Insurance? Are the items in the luggage list breakable? Does your catalog include expensive items that can get harmed during the movement? If the answer to the following questions is no, you can avoid the Insurance cost but, if your answer is yes! Insurance is mandatory for you. For local shifts, you can miss the Insurance if not. Insurance is essential, or you may end up with damaged items.

3.6 Check Reviews and Ratings

The company can only promise you to deliver their best, but the company can get revealed by their old customers who have tried and tested their services. Never trust any service provider without checking their past service and customer’s experience. Check the ratings of the company by visiting their official site. Some companies may be a fraud or despite providing the least price, they may provide you cheap work that can eventually result in a great loss of money and damage to your items. Go for a professional one to save a little money.otheriwse You can trouble yourself with great loss.

4. Sell Massive Luggage

Big luggage will cover a large area, and some huge vehicle like a truck will be hired to shift them and deliver them to the destination.other than that, the labor charges will also increase rapidly as result increase the bill cost. If you have a few unnecessary massive items, like the old non-working Air conditioner, get rid of them before the packaging process starts. Try to dispose of the inessential items to avoid paying for the garbage. Lesser components will add less cost to your bills, and you will save more money on your shifting process.

5. Take Extra Expensive Stuff With You

Your expenses are even your responsibility, depending on others for full protection of luggage is not a smart move. In case you have a few expensive things like Diamonds, pieces of jewelry, credit cards, essential documentation, personal files, and other high-value stuff. Make sure to pack a bag to take with you containing all those precious items, and it protects your valuable goods from any unexpected incidents or frauds. Instead of handing over all the goods to rest, be smart enough to take the high-priced items with you to be on the safe side.

6. Book Moving Before 7-8 Days

Premium package always have high charges compared to the basic package. If it is an urgent shift, you have no time and want fast service. it is specially arranged for you. Eventually, the price will increase if possible, and if it is not mandatory, then avoid fast services. If you have a booking before 5-10 days, you can save a basket of money. The price for rapid and urgent shifting is double of basic package. you will also get a proper amount of time to decide and prepare your packing list, everything could get organized and there will be fewer chances of mistakes from both sides.

7. Verify the Packers & Movers

When the packers & movers team reach out at your place. you should verify the team to identify them. To avoid any fraud, you should ask the team members to show their identification card and by calling the verified company phone number. you should take the details about the team. In past reports, the cases of fraud and fake packers have increased. They will reach you and show themselves professionalism, but they will never deliver your luggage, and you will be a victim of a fraud case. Take a list of names and photographs from the company through E-mail or another communication method. You can protect yourself against any fraud.

8. Finalize the Fixed Rate to Avoid Extra Cost on Delivery

It is not always the amount told by the companies. The extra charges like different taxes, GST, handling and managing cost, delivery charges, and more are the hidden amounts inside the bill that increase the overall cost. You end up wondering about the reasons for the high bills. Always ask them for the total price comprising the taxes and extra charges. Except that, verify the tax amount that the company charges you because few companies charge much higher amounts in the name of tax than to be paid. Finally, the bill depends upon your bargaining skills that can take the best work in a cheap amount.

9. Go with Shared Vehicle — Save up to 60%

If you want a personal vehicle for moving your luggage, it will be an expensive deal because all the facilities, including vehicle charges, may sum up your bills. However, if you share one vehicle with other customers, you will divide the extra vehicle charges that will ultimately save a lot of money in your pocket. But you may face a few problems if you go for the sharing vehicle option, such as delay in delivery. The vehicle will have a certain number of customer’s luggage required to move on to different places. In that case, the shifting might take some time.

Tips to Hire Trusted Mover

Shifting from one place to another is a necessary thing that will help people to change and adapt to a new lifestyle. But sometimes, moving and shifting becomes very hectic and stressful. Shifting from one place to another is not an easy requires a lot of time and hard work. Working or assigning shifting work to packers and movers can make your task easier. If you hire professional and trustworthy movers and packers. you can ensure a hassle and struggle free delivery of your items.

Whether you are shifting or moving your home or office, it’s important to hire the best packers and movers in Bangalore so that you can ensure a worry-free move. As soon as you choose packers movers in Bangalore and approve an agreement with them, make sure to explore them thoroughly to prevent any past risk. Numerous movers packers in Bangalore will take supervision of your belongings right from the period you employ them. Many packers movers in Bangalore understand your needs of hiring them and can make your task easier. But to hire the best packers and movers, consider the following tip.

1. Make your choice from AskNavigator

For choosing various Movers packers in Bangalore, different packers firms propose the best extracts and prices. But if you select to pick from AskNavigator, with the short expense and best references, you will also profit with various other features like the live hunt of your belongings, proper and well behavioral helping staff, 100% security to your items and more. Best packers and movers in Bangalore offered by Asknavigator are 100% verified and safeguarded. You can effortlessly survey various packers on AskNavigator for your shifting of residences and workplaces. Choosing packers in Bangalore will be very easy with AskNavigator.

2. Looking for the lowest price is not always right

Being human, we all get enticed by the things and services that offer a very soft cost. People also do the same at the time of choosing packers and movers. But it’s not right. As you are choosing movers and packers in Bangalore for switching your homes and offices, it’s decent to compare many company’s fees and rates with each other, so that you may get the best price. But don’t go for meager prices as sometimes the companies who offer a meager price for moving and shifting might do fraud with you. Several packers may snatch many gadgets from your residences and offices too.

3. Scan the documents

Not every packer is trustworthy, that’s why it’s important to look at the papers before choosing any best packers and movers in Bangalore. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiring from Asknavigator or from any other. it’s important to look for the movers and packers papers to ensure that they are reliable and loyal. Consider this tip as important to ensure that you have got the true packers movers in Bangalore for your home and workplace shifting. Take a deep look at the papers like their authorization of the work, their details, etc., to make yourself safe from any mistakes in the future.

4. Survey them properly

Before shortlisting or finalizing any packers, do research them properly. Go through their social instruments page and assorted sites to collect data about them. Browsing the company name by adding fraud it makes you know whether the company prevails in real or just has a name that only occurs online. Through this tip, you will be able to choose the right and perfect movers packers in Bangalore.

5. Evaluate them and fix your price

The next tip you should pursue while engaging professional and trusted packers movers in Bangalore is analyzing them thoroughly. Collecting data and experience from previous customers and testimonials will also be beneficial. To knowing them is very important, so that you may get to know how much time they will take to switch your luggage from one place to another. Through assessing their work technique and them, you can stabilize a price with them. Mentioning your budget here will make you get the best quotes by staying within your budget.

6. Shifting your expensive luggage might be risky

If you hand over or give your expensive luggage to the best packers and movers in Bangalore, you will be executing a big mistake. You might trust them and give various other luggage to shift. But don’t allow them to carry your expensive luggage. It comprises jewelry, currency, and other valuable items that might be costly and valuable. If you follow this tip, you can ensure that you hire the trusted and professional packers movers in Bangalore. The circumstance would be adequate if the packers and movers company said to carry valuable stuff with you to gain trust.

7. Ensure protection and verify it

For hiring experienced packers, the next tip is to make your all things conserved so that if anything got lost or might break, you can ask for a return for it. The tip is equally crucial as various tips for hiring the best movers and packers in Bangalore. Hiring professional and trustworthy movers will always be beneficial and make moving from one place to another comfortable and easy. You can hire movers and packers for moving from your residential and commercial building.

8. Lease a brand value movers

Professional and trusted movers are only those who have a reputed name and fame in the city. You might dismiss the price they offer because the reputed movers hold a name-value, which gives them the name and fame in the community. The advantage of hiring reputed movers is that they can do their job well without any issue or problem arising in the shifting process. They can complete their work before time so that you may get extra time to uncover the packages. They are experts at packing small and big items properly in a carton with proper tabs stuck on them so that you may not feel difficulty while unpacking.

Things to do Before Moving

Moving to a new house is exciting, but you should know the ‘to do things’ you should do before shifting. The list can be long and well as it can be very tiring. Shifting to a new house is just only about packing the stuff, but it also has to do with checking the flaws and getting them fixed. In the excitement of moving to a new place, don’t forget to fix the minor faults or dues. You should prefer hiring a cleaner and getting the place cleaned to find the new people coming to the place don’t find it difficult. Try and get a professional for cleaning, plumbing, and painting done.

1. Pay your pending bills

Before leaving the old house, give yourself five minutes and a quick thought about whether you have cleared all your dues or not. Here, I am not talking about dues of essential services but amendments or salaries of a plumber, cleaner, electrician, etc., people who have made your day-to-day life in the house better. You should even inform them about your moving to a new place. You should try and make a happy note and move to a new house with happy moments, and without any of them complaining about you. Even after moving to a new place, people should remember you as a good person and not complain about you after your departure, at least for their payment concern.

2. Sell the unnecessary stuff

As you are moving to a new place, you might be having stuff that you might not even need in the new place with you, or it might not be as useful to you. you might also be thinking of buying new stuff for a new house. Beforehand, instead of carrying it to a new place, try to sell it off from the old place only or give it to the people who need it in good condition. You can even click pictures and upload them on different social media platforms or various sites where you can sell and buy stuff.

3. Find a new school/college in a new location

You might not be knowing much about the new locality that you are going to live in. You or anybody in your family might be going to any educational institutes like college or schools. It will be more beneficial and time-saving for you to look for a school/college beforehand. This will help you explore your new location and get more feedback and knowledge of better school/college options in your new locality. If you know much about the school/college, you can easily think of getting the location and convenience. This will also save you time and keep you stress-free and help you plan to shift to a new school/college.

4. Research about the Network Coverage.

As In today’s scenario, the first thing everyone looks up to is having a good internet connection and having a good network, though. If one is switching to a new place or location, they always look up for a good network. Slowly and gradually, this is becoming one of the important aspects of living. Before shifting, look for an internet connection and a good network service provider to help you in later cases. Already get your internet connection fixed, if you need wifi then lookup for the best wifi provider in the area. These few handy details will help you in saving your time later.

5. Do the repair work at New location

It is good and time-saving if you think of getting the new location repaired before shifting to the place. As there is less of the stuff and you can easily get the things done easily. If you need new switch plates or buttons, you can call an electrician and get it done. If there is any sort of leakage, then you can call the plumber and get it fixed. Several things need to be fixed before you enter the new location. There might be some dents or painting problems or a need for a carpenter to get your desired thing done.

6. Make new friends in a new location

it is great help if you visit a new place and you already have friends on the location. These new friends help you a lot in the new location. You might not be completely familiar with the new location. There might be a need for things that you might not know where to get from. These new friends who have already been there might help you and tell you about people you will need in day to day lives. Like you might need to hire a maid, a professional cook, a need to fix leakage, a plumber, an electrician. This help is only possible from people who already live there.

7. Change address on documents

It is best if you get your address changed on essential documents. This should be done on a priority basis because you might need many identity proofs a lot more for getting new connections, and for that address should be changed in the documents. This is also important because in some of your documents your old location might be mentioned and zip code. There can be a problem with your important documents or letters being posted to your older address and in today’s time, getting the address changed in the documents is not that difficult.

Additional Services

Bangalore a metropolitan city of India, where daily thousands of people migrate from one place to another to fulfill their job needs or adopt a better lifestyle. That is the reason why relocation services in Bangalore are top-rated. Their popularity has increased from recent past years because they provide shifting services in Bangalore and provide other additional services like storage space and support. As to fulfill the shortage of space for commercial and residential tasks, it’s important to move to various companies of relocation services in Bangalore.

The relocation service in Bangalore is not limited to shifting of stuff and items and storage services, but also provides various other additional services of relocations. Here, we will cover some additional best relocation services offered by movers packers in Bangalore, which you can avail of through them anytime to fulfill your home and business’s various needs.

Home relocation

For relocating a home, there can be various reasons behind it. And if you are opting for home relocations, you surely must want to relocate it in a way that nothing of your belonging gets damaged or destroyed. That’s why hiring professional relocating services in Bangalore is always a benefit you can give to your various designer furniture and for other too. Hiring a professional and experienced packers movers in Bangalore is a smart choice to go for. These types of companies have a high experience of doing their services. They aim to utilize the best and modern techniques of shifting and relocating to ensure that the relocation and shifting work is done properly in a smooth way.

Office relocation

Office relocation is just the same as home relocation. Office relocations mean shifting of office or workplace or business from a place to another. Hiring a professional and skillful movers packer in Bangalore will also benefit for your office relocations. They will help you in packing the various desktops and various systems effectively so that no damage can happen. Their work starts with loading your luggage from your current destination to unloading and rearranging your luggage to the destination you are shifting to. The companies who provide office relocation services in Bangalore also provide insurance to your luggage so that if anything gets destroyed or damaged, they can recover by paying you the insured amount.


Doing relocation of a warehouse is not an easy task. it requires many things to do before. Nowadays, a warehouse is not just a place of keeping the goods or use as a storage facility, but it’s a backbone on which a business stands and runs properly. Hiring various best packers and movers in Bangalore for doing relocation services will give you an edge over other business people in the market. When your inventory is stored properly by relocating Bangalore services, you can easily find goods and inventories from the warehouse for customers. Warehouse relocations include a loading of materials from the original or current place to the new location. And for doing this, various movers and packers in Bangalore specialize in rendering warehouse relocation services for various small and big business people.

Car transportation

If you think shifting the car from one place to another, an easy task, then you are wrong. Because relocating a car involves various types of problems. Like first of all, it’s an expensive vehicle, and if damages once you have to spend a lot of money to make it back into its proper look. That’s why hiring professional and experienced movers and packers in Bangalore will be a great option. You can hire them through various types of online platforms like Asknavigator. By checking their quotes and prices, you can easily avail of car relocation service in Bangalore. They will take or shift your car from one place to another with the top most care and dedication using the latest equipment and technologies. They have held high experience in delivering car transportation services smoothly, timely, and easily.

Bike transportation

Just like doing the relocation of a car, relocation of the bike is also done in the same manner. Using high power technology and the latest and modern equipment, you can assure a smooth delivery of your bike shifting service In Bangalore. Professional and trained mover and packers personnel will ensure that your bike has been transported with top most care and attention. They will make sure that no damage can happen to your bike. And if any damage happens to it, then they offer insurance through this you can get the value of damage to your bike.

Building Relocation

Building relocation is a process that involves shifting a full building to another place with the packaging and moving process for each floor and house. Building relocation prices depend upon the total number of floors, the number of rooms, and the overall item of the list that requires the packaging and labor work. The building packaging process is lengthy and time consuming. So, better you prepare all the things before a few days from the given arrival date because if you demand a fast and one day packing action, the bill amount will be thrice of basic package.

Transportation services

The vehicle which carries your luggage to your destination comes under the transportation service. Depending on the distance between the loading and unloading, the cost will vary. The type of vehicle used for the transportation service will have a direct impact on the total cost. For Home relocation, a smaller vehicle is required. For example, a small tempo, small truck, or a bolero is used for relocating a house. Small vehicles are cheaper than the big truck for the transportation system required during building relocations—a list of other factors affecting the transportation services quoted under the upcoming points.

Loading Service

The loading services contain the loading of the luggage on the vehicle after the packaging is done. The laborer that is required for the works is included in the service cost. If you can get a few local laborers to load your luggage at a lower price, then take one for your luggage loading. It will save you extra money. If your location is on the upper floors, then the loading price will increase because of more laborers requirement and the workload on those labor while shifting your luggage to the destination.


The unloading services include taking all the luggage out of the vehicle and transferring it to your new location after the unpackaging. The labor must unload the luggage from the vehicle and put it into the decided place. Again, if you can get a few local laborers, who unload your luggage at a lower price, then take one for your work. If your destination is on the upper floors, then the unloading price will increase due to more laborer’s requirement and the workload on those labor while shifting your luggage to the destination.

Transportation services

The introduction of the transportation services is already provided in the upper points. Here, you will know about the factors that affect your transportation services:

  • The Fuel cost
  • The vehicle size & capacity
  • Government policies and regulations
  • Destination locations

The total consumption of fuel during the transport of your luggage includes the total capacity of the vehicle’s size (a truck, a bolero, a tempo, a cart, etc.). The policies that the government has implanted in both the location and the taxes paid during the transportation and the compensation for the service. that are the several factors that affect the overall Transportation service price and the total time required for the transportation of your luggage.

Why From AskNavigator?

Relocating to a new location is a difficult task without Hiring any Professional Packers and movers. But We are accomplishing your dream to relocate to a new location Safely and without any hustle. Our team is working to make Relocation service safe and easy for Consumers.

  • 1. Only Verified Packers

    Hundreds of fraud are reported monthly in India, and Being Safe from these frauds is not Easy. You can be the next victim to these frauds if you take safety lightly when relocating. You may find many fraudsters on Google and other websites. So to move Safely, handle your belongings only to businesses you find on Asknavigator. We have verified all the documents of the companies listed on our websites.

  • 2. Remove the Listing if Ratings Below 4 Star

    Thousands of consumers from all over India use Asknavigator to hire movers. These Consumers help us to onboard the best movers & packers from all over India. And We Monitor the Deals and take reviews from the consumers and filter out the Bad Rated businesses from our platform.
    We take feedback from the old customer very seriously. If we see any sign of bad quality service, we instantly remove the packers from our listing.

  • 3. Instant Quotations

    Asknavigator’s Team is very rapid regarding their Service providing capabilities. As soon as you fill in all the information on the Asknavigator’s official website, you will get quotations from the Best packers and movers companies near your location with in the next 2-15 minutes.

  • 4. Compare Prices & Policies

    We help you to save money on Relocation service by comparing 3-5 companies’ pricing and policies. So you can estimate the range of cost on Service and select the one from them. Moreover, with the Pricing Table of charges, you might evaluate relocating the household kinds of stuff.

  • 5. Less Price

    We Monitor the quotations offered by the Movers & Packers listed on Asknavigator. We have a strict policy if any business tries to overcharging the price for Service. Along with it, you get quotations from 3 different companies, and this competition also helps you to do the relocation at affordable rates.

  • 6. Fixed Rates

    As you know, we take feedback from our customers. If we notice any unethical increase in the bill amount of customers. We remove that vendor from our list.

  • 7. Reviews

    Asknavigator always asks for feedback to help the next consumer. You can view the reviews of every packers and movers company by old clients on the asknavigator website. Moreover, if the consumers are giving bad feedbacks about any particular packers and movers business, in that case, that business Will be removed from the Asknavigator’s website.

Faqs Related To Packers and Movers in Bangalore

The services rendered by various packers movers in Bangalore have become a trendy business, which is rapidly growing because people are now shifting more from local and interstate locations. Hiring the best packers and movers in Bangalore is a cost effective and reliable solution that you can opt for during your shifting. But still, many people who are not aware much of this business might have some questions and queries regarding movers and packers service. That’s why below, you will find a set of questions that will help in getting more clarity for this service.

  • Which tips to follow while searching for the best and trusted movers?

    Several tips are given below to help you find trusted movers

    • Check for how long the mover company is doing this business.
    • Go for licensed and insured moving companies.
    • Check their reviews by visiting their webpages and social media handles.
    • Look for their moving services.

  • How much do packers movers in Bangalore charge?

    The charges for best packers and movers in Bangalore depend as for 1Bhk, they charge around 3200 INR including labor, for 2Bhk, it's around 6000 INR labors and more like this.

  • Who is regarded as the best packers and movers in Bangalore?

    Various packers movers in Bangalore are termed as the best. That's why we have presented the top 5 movers.

    • JAARI relocate
    • Maxwell relocations
    • Euro packers and movers
    • Ready2move
    • CPMC relocation and logistics private limited.

  • Does the packers and movers in Bangalore also provide unloading services?

    Yes, numerous packers movers in Bangalore provide unloading services. They will unload all your stuff once they have safely reached to your new destination. They will also maintain the top most safety while unloading the materials so that no luggage gets destroyed.

  • How to define the term "Moving insurance"?

    The term moving insurance means that various Best packers and movers in Bangalore companies cover the risk of damages and harm made to your belonging during the shifting process. It further has two types, which are goods transit insurance and all-inclusive insurance.

  • What is the procedure for knowing the exact moving cost?

    You can estimate your moving cost offers by relocation Bangalore through this formula or equation Hrs rate* several movers* several hours to complete move+travel fee+charges for additional services.

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