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6+ Best & Trusted Packers Movers in Chandigarh

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Finding Trusted Packers Movers with great quality services is not that easy. But AskNavigator does the Job for you and Shortlisted the Best Packers and Movers in your City. Relocation businesses listed on our website are not just only the documents verified, but they also had years of customer satisfaction history with our users. and even after years of good feedback from the users we still continually monitoring the service quality of the Business listed with us.

So to Avoid Any Fraud, Choose Packers and Movers in Chandigarh Only from Asknavigator and Ensure your Safe Moving From Chandigarh.

  • K

    KP Packers Movers

    4.4 (1646 Reviews)

    Fast Moving Premium Packaging Outstanding Reviews Fixed Rates
    7 AM - 10 PM 8 Years Experience
    Recent Review4.4/5Mohit Sharma
    I am Fully satisfied with Your Service and defiantly recommend to others. Staff is very polite and professional
  • A

    AskRelocation Packers Movers

    5 (1345 Reviews)

    Low Price Premium Packaging Live Tracking Outstanding Reviews
    9 AM - 9 PM 3 Years Experience
    Recent Review5/5Deepak Thakral
    Awesome service. I had shift in very smoothly. Staff are very polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend Asknavigator to Others. Thank you Team. Very good service. Keep it up.
  • K

    Khatu Syam Packers & Movers

    4.6 (643 Reviews)

    Low Price Premium Packaging Outstanding Reviews Polite
    9 AM - 9 PM 2 Years Experience
    Recent Review4.6/5Anand Rathee
    Asknavigator ne bahut help ki humari. Hume acche and verified packers and movers mile. Acchi service dene ke liye thanks 😊
  • B

    Bhardwaj Packers

    4.7 (124 Reviews)

    Fast Moving Premium Packaging Outstanding Reviews 100% Luggage’s Safety
    9 AM - 9 PM 2 Years Experience
    Recent Review4.7/5Hansraj Lather
    Very Fast... 1 din ke ander hi Saara kaam ho gya or saath hi saath prices bhi bahut hi jyada kam tha.
  • A

    ARC Packers

    4.6 (456 Reviews)

    Fast Moving Premium Packaging 100% Luggage’s Safety
    9 AM - 9 PM 7 Years Experience
    Recent Review4.6/5Usha Rathee
    I was unsure before but finally get authentic and affordable service. They had taken care of everything and thanks for good experience.

Packers and Movers Charges in Chandigarh

Calculating the exact price for the Service like Packing & Moving is not that easy even for packers and movers sometimes you get a huge difference between the pricing offered by the movers.

The prices of the service depend on many factors. But to get a nearby estimation of the cost of the service we make a pricing estimation for you. but it’s doesn’t mean that you must get the service at this price. this is just a range price so you can expect near to this.

Compare the prices from 3-4 Packers and that will be the exact range of your moving cost. Remember if someone quotes you much lower than the range this may be a sign of Fraud.

Shifting Items 1 KMs - 20Kms 20 KM - 40KMs
Few Household Items Rs. 1,500 - 3,000 Rs.2,500- 6,000
1 BHK Rs. 2,500 - 6,000 Rs.5,000-14,000
2 BHK Rs. 4,000 - 10,000 Rs.8,000-20,000
3 BHK Rs. 5,000 - 11,000 Rs.9,000-30,000
Small Office Moving Rs. 12,000 - 18,000 Rs.15,000-40,000

Review of packers and movers in Chandigarh

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma4.4/5KP Packers

    I am Fully satisfied with Your Service and defiantly recommend to others. Staff is very polite and professional

  • Usha Rathee
    Usha Rathee4.6/5Arc Packers

    I was unsure before but finally get authentic and affordable service. They had taken care of everything and thanks for good experience.

  • Anand Rathee
    Anand Rathee4.6/5Khatu Syam Packers

    Asknavigator ne bahut help ki humari. Hume acche and verified packers and movers mile. Acchi service dene ke liye thanks 😊

  • Hansraj Lather
    Hansraj Lather4.7/5Bhardwaj Packers

    Very Fast... 1 din ke ander hi Saara kaam ho gya or saath hi saath prices bhi bahut hi jyada kam tha.

  • Deepak Thakral
    Deepak Thakral5/5Askrelocation

    Awesome service. I had shift in very smoothly. Staff are very polite and helpful. I would definitely recommend Asknavigator to Others. Thank you Team. Very good service. Keep it up.

Cost Saving Tips

Moving is a big issue in people’s lives who have to move from place to place due to habitat issues or work issues. Moving claims not only our time and energy but also our savings. Packers and movers are readily available in our market, but they are not economically affordable. Spending massive money after moving is something that we want to avoid, but most of us do not know how to accomplish it. And this article is going to help you out for sure. There will be a few points mentioned underneath which you should follow to reduce your moving expenses. The things which affect your moving expenses.

There are a few factors that effects on your moving expenses. We will discuss them below.

1. Quantity and weight of the luggage

The quantity and weight of your luggage decide your moving expenses. If you have a large amount of big size luggage like a bed, cupboards, almirahs and other such types of furniture, then it will cost you a lot as some movers cost by the weight of the items of luggage, not by the time those are taking to get shifted. These types of luggage cover more space on the tempo and this fact also makes their moving costlier.

2. Luggage Type

The type of luggage can increase your moving cost. As every luggage claims care different from each other, fragile Luggage asks for more packing care than furniture. Big and heavy luggage makes moving tough, and so, moving them is costly than the small, lighter ones.

3. The place you are moving to and its distance from your current location

The difference between your current location and destination also matters a lot. If the distance is long, then the mover’s company will charge more remarkable than the shorter distances. Sometimes the location of your new place also matters. If it is hard to reach it, then the moving cost gets high.

4. The floor where you want your luggage to get moved

The higher the floors are, the more you need to spend after moving your things there. Especially if you want to move your large and heavy furniture there, as this costs more workforce, energy, and time, your moving cost automatically increases.

5. The number of vehicles you want for moving

If you have a large quantity of luggage and need too many vehicles to move them, then you will get charged a lot for driving. That is why it is suggested to keep your luggage as minimal as possible while moving.

6. Insurance

You can also get insurance for your moving expenses. It helps a lot. The coverage from the insurance company can cover you for $5-$10 per pound. It also gives you coverage on any damage caused during moving, which can not be covered by the mover’s insurance.

7. The day when you are planning to move

It would be best if you started looking for packers and movers a bit earlier than your moving day. Try to hire a mover at least 10-15 days earlier than the critical day. This will help you compare the charges of multiple moving companies and the services provided by them. Thus you can choose a good but economical mover.

8. Try to sell the vast sized luggage

It is better to sell the huge-sized luggage like large beds, cupboards, dining sets, etc., to avoid high charges of moving. Excluding those will decrease both the workforce and the number of vehicles to drive. You better calculate the amount you need to spend to buy the same item new and compare it with the amount you will save from your moving expenses by selling those out. That is pretty helpful for the budget, and also you will get extra money to move by selling them also.

9. Carry the small, expensive kinds of stuff with you

People often forget to keep their valuables safe and by themselves while moving. At the time of driving, many parties like the movers, buyers, cleaners enter your place, often getting your valuable things stolen. So, it is better to keep your valuables in the safest place in your house before starting the whole process of moving. Thus you can avoid an unwanted situation.

10. Pack as much as you can yourself before the movers come on inspection to your home

The movers can give you the quote with a big amount if they find out that you have a lot of stuff to get shifted. So, better you get some packing done by yourself before the inspection takes place. It helps a lot to reduce the moving expenses.

11. Get a fixed rate from the movers to avoid unnecessary complication later

Movers usually charge you based on your luggage’s weight or the time get consumed by the shifting. But it is always smart to get a fixed rate from them. If you find the quality provided by them in your budget and the mover quite reputed, go for the deal. It will exclude all the hidden charges they may impose on you later. But always try to keep your luggage the parameters they provided for the same to avail of the offer. If you deny, then they might charge you more.

12. Get a shared vehicle for your move

There are multiple options available for moving, and the cost of it depends on it. You can get a shared vehicle for your move, which can save you up to 60% of the expense you need to pay for by getting a personal moving vehicle. If you have less luggage to move, then you can take help of it. You have to share the car with someone who has less quantity of luggage than you.

Tips to Hire Trusted Mover

1.Choose only from Asknavigator

Asknavigator is one of the best websites designed to help you find the list of best packers and movers companies in Chandigarh. They can produce the list of the most reliable packers and movers who provide economical services at Chandigarh. It will help you get all three facilities; packing, moving, and transporting under the same company. You can get 3-5 moving quotations from different companies free from it. You can get these quotations in the forms you prefer, WhatsApp or SMS, or via call. Get verified companies at it with good ratings in Asknavigator.

2. Do not choose packers and movers with low charge

Do not fall for the lowest charging moving companies. They are not the most reputed ones either. They might be frauds. It is seen that fraud companies offer lucrative offers to attract people, and ultimately, they make fool them. They always keep some hidden charges and, at last, make the client pay a massive cost for the move. So, do not be greedy and choose a reputed company with affordable charges.

3. Verify the documents of the packers and movers by yourself

Always choose a government licensed packers and movers company to move your goods. There are so many such companies in India, but most of them do not have any license, and you can not rely on them. If anything fraudulent happens regarding moving your goods, you can complain to the moving company and also track the company. This is not possible in the case of a company that is not licensed. So, before choosing a mover, you should check these documents by yourself.

  • Pan card number of the company
  • Service tax registration number
  • Stamp of the central or state government
  • The license of the establishment where the company is situated at
  • Terms and Conditions of the moving company

You should check a mover by going through their terms and conditions regarding moving and other services you are hiring them for very well and then should take the final decision.

4. Search the name of the mover on the internet by adding fraud to it

You can always get reviews of any reputed packers and movers company on the internet, and the reviews can help you as well. Try to search for the company you are thinking of choosing by adding ‘fraud’ to its name. If you find any news or review claiming it fraud there, then you might think twice before hiring them. And if you still think to hire them, then do it after knowing the reality of that particular news or review.

5. Perform inspection and fix the charge

Before fixing the moving charge, inspect the internet to find packers and movers at your place and their offers. You can see there multiple reputed packers and movers who are offering various services with lucrative offers. Go through the offer list of numerous such companies well first, then compare them with each other. The one which you find the best and offering the most profit for you, go for it.

6. Carry the essential items with you

You should carry essential items like your personal documents, keys, laptop, costly jewelry, gemstones, etc. When moving, among so many other things, these essential items can get misplaced or damaged or stolen or lost. So, better you carry those by yourself to avoid mishaps.

7. Get valid moving insurance

Moving insurance is a critical thing to get done before you start moving. This must do a thing that will help you against any damage or mishaps to your goods, not the movers. If your luggage gets damaged or dents due to an accident, you can claim the insurance. These insurances cover all types of loss due to accidental damages but do not pay if those are purposefully caused to claim the insurance. Always keep in mind that these insurances have a time limit to get claimed. So, do not exceed the date if you want to claim it.

8. Hire a well-reputed mover only

Always hire a well-reputed mover for moving your luggage. Look for one on the internet. Read the reviews, compare the ratings of multiple packers and movers available there on the internet. You can also ask your friends and family or neighbors to find out the reputed movers nearby. Sometimes you need to pay some extra charges than others for these movers as they might have become a brand, but it is better to not worry about the expenses as long as they are handling and moving your goods safely.

Things to do Before Moving

1. Clear your pending bills

Clear all the pending bills of your previous location before moving to a new place and make the service provider aware that you are leaving the site to disconnect their services there. Or else you have to pay the minimal charges of those services without availing them as the service providers will keep on sending the bills. Try to clear the bills of electricity, gas and wifi, television cable, and water before moving out of your previous home.

2. Sell out the things you don’t want to keep

It would be best if you sold out your old furniture and unnecessary pieces of stuff to reduce your moving expenses. Or the movers will also charge you for moving them.

3. Look for educational institutions in the new place

Looking for an educational institute is very important when you move to a new place. It is better to take it home near some good school or college. That can charge you a bit more, but you can save that from the transportation fare you must have spared if you were somewhere far from it. Having multiple good educational institutes will undoubtedly help you choose the best from them for your children’s educational betterment.

4. Check out the reviews about the place you are going to move to on the internet

This is one of the most important things you should do before shifting to some new place. Check as much as you can about the site and its reputation on the internet. Read the reviews available there. It will help you to understand the safety and advantages you can get there. Also, look for the schools, colleges, markets, hospitals, chemists nearby for your future help.

5. Perform the repair in the new place

Check out your new place and find the things which need immediate repair. Usually, people find multiple things which need so especially taps, cupboards, walls, fan, window, sinks, etc. It is easy to inspect an empty house than a packed one. You can also make a safety check by calling the plumber and electrician for some time. Also, check if the place has all the essential supplies like water, wifi, gas, electricity, etc. If not, then get those done as soon as possible.

Things to do after moving to a new place

1. Make new friends in the new place

Friends are essential for everyone as they are the one who stands beside you when you need them most. Shifting from a place makes you leave the neighbors and friends nearby who are essential to us. The new home and new people are very tough to adjust to, but you should still try your best to befriend you with people nearby and the neighbors.

2. Change the address on your documents

Another most important work you should do after shifting. Change the address on your documents as soon as you get moved to the new place. If you forget to do that, then all your letters and parcels will get sent to your old address, which is pretty troublesome. You should change the bank address first, or else the bank staff will reach your old address and meet unknown people, and this situation is not going to be right for you at all.

Additional Services

Home relocation

Home relocating is the task which gets performed by many packers and movers company frequently. They do it very well. They take care of your big furniture, small or heavy stuff, and fragile crockeries separately. They handle and pack them as they need to get and moves those to your new place from your old place with full responsibility.

Office relocation

Relocating a whole office engages a lot of energy and patience, and it is not so easy to move every single important thing of a huge office. Packers and movers do this duty with efficiency and do not give the client a chance to complain. They do things from server-shifting to storing office documents carefully, to moving heavy furniture like desks, chairs, almirahs, etc., with care. They take responsibility for shifting the costly office electronics like computers, printers, and air conditioners.

Warehouse advantages

Any good packers and movers company will offer you the advantages of a warehouse to protect your valuable and important goods. They have warehouses of huge capacity and hygienic interior. These warehouses will provide safety to your goods. They are well equipped to keep your goods maintained and sorted.

Transportation services

You can get any transportation services from the packers and movers companies. The transport vehicles usually get hired by them in their free time. If any business person is looking for some affordable but excellent transportation service provider, they should talk to the packers and movers companies.

Car Transportation

Home moving becomes quite complicated when you own a house. Especially when you decide to move to someplace quite far from the old home, it is tough to move a car to a new place by driving for a long distance. Movers give you a great option to safely move your car to your new place in a transport vehicle. You will also get transit insurance for your car from them.

Bike Transportation

Transporting a two-wheeler by ownself is harder than transporting a car. It is pretty painful to ride and shift a bike to somewhere far. So, better you choose a reliable mover company to do that for you. You can avail all the offers the movers offer while shifting your car while moving your bike by them. The whole process will leave you stress-free.

Building relocation

Building relocation looks impossible, but it is made possible now by the unique equipment of modern technology. This process will charge you high but can be done securely and successfully. Packers and movers companies are responsible for doing so.

Loading services

Loading is a big issue during moving faced by each one of us. It is impossible to get it done by a single person, and we always think of hiring a workforce to complete it. Packers and movers companies provide the same also. They should charge some extra for that, and you might find it is increasing your moving cost. But if you try to hire that workforce externally, they will charge you more than the movers. So, getting the loading service from packers and movers is a good deal. They will perform it with care and responsibility.

Unloading services

As loading services, the packers and movers companies offer you unloading services. In this service, they remain liable to unload your luggage from the moving vehicles and shift that to your new home. For this, they will charge you extra than the other costs. It would be best if you went for this service as unloading the total luggage is quite hectic.

Why From AskNavigator?

Relocating to a new location is a difficult task without Hiring any Professional Packers and movers. But We are accomplishing your dream to relocate to a new location Safely and without any hustle. Our team is working to make Relocation service safe and easy for Consumers.

  • 1. Only Verified Packers

    Hundreds of fraud are reported monthly in India, and Being Safe from these frauds is not Easy. You can be the next victim to these frauds if you take safety lightly when relocating. You may find many fraudsters on Google and other websites. So to move Safely, handle your belongings only to businesses you find on Asknavigator. We have verified all the documents of the companies listed on our websites.

  • 2. Remove the Listing if Ratings Below 4 Star

    Thousands of consumers from all over India use Asknavigator to hire movers. These Consumers help us to onboard the best movers & packers from all over India. And We Monitor the Deals and take reviews from the consumers and filter out the Bad Rated businesses from our platform.
    We take feedback from the old customer very seriously. If we see any sign of bad quality service, we instantly remove the packers from our listing.

  • 3. Instant Quotations

    Asknavigator’s Team is very rapid regarding their Service providing capabilities. As soon as you fill in all the information on the Asknavigator’s official website, you will get quotations from the Best packers and movers companies near your location with in the next 2-15 minutes.

  • 4. Compare Prices & Policies

    We help you to save money on Relocation service by comparing 3-5 companies’ pricing and policies. So you can estimate the range of cost on Service and select the one from them. Moreover, with the Pricing Table of charges, you might evaluate relocating the household kinds of stuff.

  • 5. Less Price

    We Monitor the quotations offered by the Movers & Packers listed on Asknavigator. We have a strict policy if any business tries to overcharging the price for Service. Along with it, you get quotations from 3 different companies, and this competition also helps you to do the relocation at affordable rates.

  • 6. Fixed Rates

    As you know, we take feedback from our customers. If we notice any unethical increase in the bill amount of customers. We remove that vendor from our list.

  • 7. Reviews

    Asknavigator always asks for feedback to help the next consumer. You can view the reviews of every packers and movers company by old clients on the asknavigator website. Moreover, if the consumers are giving bad feedbacks about any particular packers and movers business, in that case, that business Will be removed from the Asknavigator’s website.

Faqs Related To Packers and Movers in Chandigarh

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that our customers asked you can check them out if you have any questions or queries. These answers will definitely help you to understand any questions that are going through your mind if there is anything other than these feel free to ask on AskNavigator.

  • How to find trusted and the best movers?

    Finding trusted packers and movers company to shift your things is tough, and you should take the help of these tips to choose one.

    • Try to choose a movers company who are at least ten years experienced.
    • Choose a company that puts efforts into understanding your requirements and shows care towards those.
    • Find out if the company has the proper license and if it is insured.
    • You should notify the packers and movers about any particular item like a piano, gun safes, etc., to get shifted earlier. If you find them providing the specific moving service, they are a good one as any such company provides special care in moving such sensitive items.
    • Choose a company having good reviews online.
    • Check out if the companies have modern equipment like forklifts and cranes to make moving done.
    • It is always better to look for a mover who satisfies your needs. That is the best mover for you.

  • How much do the packers and movers charge?

    The packers and movers's charge depends on the weight, type of your luggage, and the vehicle's workforce to make the whole moving done. In Chandigarh, the packers and movers companies charge approximately 3000-8000 INR for local moving, 5000-45000 INR for intercity moving, 4000-16000 INR for car transportation, 2000-8000 INR for Bike transportation, and 6000- 55000 INR for office moving.

  • Who are the best packers and movers in India?

    Asknavigator is the best packers and movers service provider company in India.

  • Do our Packers and Movers provide unloading services?

    Yes, any reputed packers and movers company like Asknavigator, provides unloading services for your luggage.

  • How to Get Free Price Estimation for Movers in Chandigarh?

    You can contact Asknavigator to perform an inspection of your luggage by visiting your home and provide you with an accurate estimation of your upcoming moving expenses. Asknavigator conducts the whole process for free.

  • How to know the exact moving cost for your luggage?

    You can ask for two or three well-reputed, licensed packers and movers companies to send their representatives to visit your home to perform a live inspection. They can come and after inspection will provide you with the exact estimation of the moving cost to you by basing on the details you provide to them about the moving.

  • Is The Price estimation service provided by the movers free?

    Yes, the whole price estimation process by the packers and movers in Chandigarh is free of cost.

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