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Finding Trusted Packers Movers with great quality services is not that easy. But AskNavigator does the Job for you and Shortlisted the Best Packers and Movers in Pune. Relocation businesses listed on our website are not just only the documents verified, but they also had the years of customer satisfaction history with our users. and even after years of good feedback from the users we still continually monitoring the service quality of the Business listed with us.

So to Avoid Any Fraud, Choose Packers and Movers Only from Asknavigator India and Ensure your Safe Moving From Pune.

1. KP Packers Movers

(542 Reviews)

2. Agarwal Packers Movers

(356 Reviews)

3. Gati Packers & Movers

(234 Reviews)

4. Bhardwaj Packers

(197 Reviews)

5. ARC Packers

(135 Reviews)

Packers and Movers Charges in Pune

Calculating the exact price for the Service like Packing & Moving is not that easy even for packers and movers sometimes you get a huge difference between the pricing offered by the movers.

The prices of the service depend on many factors. But to get a nearby estimation of the cost of the service we make a pricing estimation for you. but it’s doesn’t mean that you must get the service at this price. this is just a range price so you can expect near to this.

Compare the prices from 3-4 Packers and that will be the exact range of your moving cost. Remember if someone quotes you much lower than the range this may be a sign of Fraud.

TIP: Enter the Compare Pricing Form & you will get the 3 Quotation from only Trusted Movers in Pune.

Note: These Prices are Without GST and Insurance Charges

Approximate Packers and Movers Charges in Pune

Shifting Items 1KMs - 20KMs 20 KM - 40KMs
Few Household Items Rs.1500-3000 Rs.2500-6000
1 BHK Rs.2500-6,000 Rs.5,000-14,000
2 BHK Rs.4000-10,000 Rs.6,000-20,000
3 BHK Rs.5,000-11,000 Rs.9,000-30,000
Small Office Moving Rs.12,000-18,000 Rs.15,000-40,000

Reviews of Pune Packers & Movers

Deepak Thakral
Deepak Thakral
Bhardwaj Movers
Read More
Premium Service at good price. I Recommend you to use Gokart for any type of best service in your city
Hanraj Lather
Hanraj Lather
Bhardwaj Packers
Read More
Very Fast... 1 din ke ander hi Saara kaam ho gya or saath hi saath muje 2000 rs ka discount bhi mila
Anand Rathee
Anand Rathee
KP Packers
Read More
Muje bahut hi achi service or bahut jyada kam rates lagbhag aadhe rate me. Bahut Badiya Kaam Kra Hai.
Usha Rathee
Usha Rathee
Arc Packers
Read More
Apne dono baar bahut acha kaam kiya hai. aur saara samaan bilkul sahi se leke aye ho. bahut badiya service hai.
Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma
Bhardwaj Packers
Read More
I am Fully satisfied with Your Service and defiantly recommend to others. Staff is very polite and professional
Mahendr Sharma
Mahendr Sharma
KP Packers
Read More
Apki team main sab bahut hi jyada professionalisms hai and baat krne main bhi bahut hi ache hai.

Cost Saving Tips

In order, to get the best value for your money and save it during the shifting in Pune city, You must have to understand that movers works and the factors that affect the prices of your shifting cost.
So AskNavigator will help you to understand how packers and movers and what are the factors that are affecting the cost of shifting. This helps you to find the right movers that suit you.

Here are some of the things that will help you to find the best packers and movers in Pune city:

1. Use AskNavigator to compare prices

To compare the prices of the best movers use the AskNavigator website that will provide you with prices of movers in Pune city.

Get the quotation of 3-5 movers from the Asknavigator site and then compare the rates of movers that are available in Pune city. By doing this you will get a rough estimate of the pricing of them and can easily select a shifting service in Pune city that is the best value for money and has the best services to offer you.

2. How Packers movers in Pune works?

First, the packer and movers inspect the luggage of yours and they try to estimate several different things.
In this inspection, they try to calculate different factors that affect the cost of moving the luggage. These are the things that are required for moving the luggage and of which they make a rough estimate.

  • Packing material cost
  • Labour requirement
  • Loading and unloading efforts
  • Vehicles to use for the moving
  • Use of dedicated or sharing vehicles
  • Transportation cost
  • Unloading charges
  • Insurance charges
  • Gst on bill

After they have completed the inspection of your luggage and have made a rough estimate then they will tell you the cost that is needed to shift your luggage.
If you have booked the relocation service that they are providing then they will come to your home and will do all packing and loading of your luggage. Which is a great thing to have as this will make it much easier for you to move and relocate.

This is all the process that will happen during moving of your moving and by choosing best packers and movers in the Pune city you will get a great experience of shifting without any problem and other difficulty and you can easily choose packers movers in Pune city with help of AskNavigator.

3. Know which things are affecting the cost moving

To understand the working of relocation services. You must’ve to understand which things are affecting the cost of shifting.
The cost of shifting is dependent on many factors that affect the price of moving. The movers will tell you everything required for shifting. Following are the factors that are affecting the cost of packaging and moving process.

3.1 Luggage Quantity, Weight & Area it needs

The biggest thing that will directly affect the cost as you all know is the quantity of the luggage, the weight of the luggage, and how much space is required to move these materials.

This will also affect the packing material used to move these and will also affect the cost of moving indirectly. They will provide you with the best quality shifting material that will protect your luggage and save it from getting damaged.

3.2 Luggage Type

The 2nd thing that will directly affect the cost of your shifting is the type of luggage you are moving. As the more sensitive and expensive luggage requires great care and high-quality materials to get moved. This will also increase the price of shifting.

They will provide you the best material that suits your luggage and ensure that they will not get any kind of damage while moving.

3.3 Distance Between Moving Locations

As you all know the greater the distance the more will be the cost of your moving. This also directly affects the cost of your moving the greater distance between the places you’re shifting from and where you’re shifting to can increase the price of your shifting drastically.
You can find the best movers that suit your needs and provide you the best cost of moving that suits your budget on the AskNavigator website.

3.4 Floors of Moving Locations

The floor on which your luggage is and the floor where you wanted to move and relocate also impact the price of your moving. They will charge you according to the floor of your luggage.
Because the higher the floor the more manpower is needed and thus an increased price. A higher floor also requires more delicacy to move your stuff and will also increase the time of moving and this will result in more price of moving.

3.5 Dedicated Vehicle or in Sharing

The cost of moving will change drastically if you choose a dedicated vehicle or a shared vehicle. They provide you with the luxury of selecting whether you wanted to move in a dedicated vehicle or a shared vehicle.
A shared vehicle can reduce the cost of moving and provide great value for your money. But this will require more time to move your luggage. But on the other hand, a dedicated vehicle will costs you more but it can save you Time while moving and you can move in no time with the help of a dedicated vehicle.

3.6 Insurance

To get 100 percent sure that your luggage will be safe and will reach its destination safe and sound. The movers provide you with the facility of insurance.

The insurance cost different for different items. For instance, insurance of an electric appliance will cost you more as it is a very delicate and fragile material to move and will require more delicacy to move it so it is obvious that insurance of an electric appliance will cost you more than insurance of a rigid material that will obviously require fewer efforts to move and can’t get damaged easily.

3.7 Moving Date

To get the best rate of the moving try to book packers movers on less busy days. You can also book them 5 to 10 days before moving so that they can provide you a date that is less busy and this will cost you much less than booking immediately on a very busy day.

Shifting services in Pune city will provide you the best date that will suit you and them. This can be good for both of you and packers and movers in Pune city as this will help them to shift you in a less busy day and you can easily get the best prices on less busy day.

4. Sell Extra Big Luggage

To reduce the cost of moving you can sell an extra bit of luggage that is too old or maybe you didn’t need it. As this will reduce the amount of luggage that you are moving and that can be extremely helpful in cost-cutting of relocation services in Pune city as the reduced luggage will obviously will take an amount of material during the packaging and moving.

So most of the movers recommend you to sell some of the extra luggage to shift your stuff without breaking Your FD.

5. Take Extra Expensive Stuff With You

To not lose your precious stuff try to take the expensive stuff with you. As this will provide extra security to your expensive stuff and will also reduce the cost of relocation services in Pune city.

They recommend that you should be taking your expensive stuff with yourself to get a high level of security and move your material at a much lower cost. This can also provide you the mental satisfaction that your precious items are with you and they are 100 percent secure and will not get damaged on the way or get lost.

6. Book Moving Before 7-8 Days

To get great prices try to book shifting services in Pune city 7 to 8 days before the actual date of moving. As mentioned above, this will greatly reduce the cost of you moving and provides the relocation services a huge amount of time to choose a day for moving your material and they can easily select a moving day that is less busy and suits your day of moving which will also reduce the cost of moving.

7. Pack Some items yourself before Inspection

To get fully assured that all of your stuff is packed and moved by movers packers you can pack some of the stuff yourself before and this will also reduce the cost of moving.
Movers Packers in Pune city will provide you with the luxury of packaging the material by themselves but you can pack it yourself to get 100% sure that all of your luggage is packed and moved you can pack it by yourself this will also help you to get a great price for moving and will save your money.

8. Finalize the Fixed Rate to Avoid Extra Cost on Delivery

To get rid of the extra cost of delivery try to finalize the rate with moved packers so that you have a clear cut price tag of moving and so that movers packers in Pune city can’t change the price at the time of unloading your luggage.
This will help you to get rid of the extra price of moving and the moving process will cost you much less than moving without fixing the price of moving. So, it is recommended to always move your material after fixing a price with relocation services in Pune city.

9. Go With Shared Vehicle – Save up to 60%

As mentioned above that shared vehicle will charge you much less than a dedicated vehicle. So try to go with a shared vehicle to save extra money while shifting your material.

The shared vehicle also has used shared labor and that will also decrease the price of moving. To move with the best packers and movers in Pune city at the lowest prices try to go with a shared vehicle for more value and less prices.

Tips to Hire Trusted Mover

To get save from getting scammed you should choose the best movers. Movers can do frauds.
If you get into a scam then there is a huge chance that you will lose the money of moving but also lose your luggage. So to move your luggage safely without any risk of getting scammed here are tips you can follow that will protect you and your luggage and will also help you find the best movers.

1. Choose Only From Asknavigator

Always choose from packers and movers that are provided by AskNavigator as AskNavigator has the best movers.
AskNavigator checks the documents of movers. AskNavigator also provides you with the rating of movers that how many people have moved with them and how many people are satisfied with their relocation services.

2. Stay Away From too Low Prices

According to modern era laws, it is very important to always stay from low prices to get and buy anything because there is a high chance of fraud that you will be going to face in it. The same thing happens in packers and movers. If your budget is very low, try to get with a shared vehicle but from a repetitive brand, this will ensure the safety of your luggage also at a very low amount of price.
They will be offering you the service of a shared vehicle to get save from scams try to go with repetitive movers and don’t go with the relocation services in Pune city that are offering a very low priced service.

3. Verify the Documents yourself

To get 100% sure that your luggage is in the right hand and completely safe try to check the documents of packers and movers by yourself and verify them.

By doing this you will be assured that your luggage is in the right hand and the best movers will be willing to verify their documents for you for your satisfaction.

4. Search Name on Google With adding Fraud with It

To get 100% sure about relocation services in Pune always try to search the mover and packers name on google.
To check whether they are trusted or not search their name with word fraud on google this will let you know that whether they have done any kind of fraud in the past or not and you can be assured that they are trusted by them.

5. Do Inspection and Fix the Price

Do the inspection of your luggage yourself and make a list of your luggage and also try to fix the price of relocation services before shifting as mentioned above this will help you get rid of any additional charges that are affecting the cost of moving.

By inspecting luggage yourself you can get assured that all of your luggage is complete and fixing the price will help you to get rid of any additional delivery charges that relocation service will try to make in the way.

6. Try Moving Extra Expensive items with you

As I have already told you that never leave your expensive stuff with movers and try to move it by yourself. This will provide you the guaranty that your precious stuff is safe.
By moving your precious stuff yourself can also cut the price of moving as the lesser amount of luggage the lesser they will charge and it will also reduce the amount of packaging material that is to be used that will also reduce the amount of price that you will have to pay them.

7. Do the Insurance and Validate it

To get rid of any kind of damage to your stuff and be assured that it is safe and sound tries to make insurance with movers.

Insurance costs different for different items but it is necessary to have insurance.
Also, validate the insurance that it is real or just a piece of paper. Try to validate and get sure that it is correct and accurate this will reduce the chances of fraud.

8. Hire Well Repotted Only (Extra Brand Value Cost Will be Added)

Most of the people tend to go with new movers because they are the ones that are featuring a very low price. But that is a very wrong approach you should move with well-reputed mover packers in Pune city.

As the old and trustworthy relocation services provide you an extra amount of security because they have an image to protect so they make sure that your luggage is safe and they also hire trusted and well-trained staff for their business. That is why it is necessary to go with a reputed and known shifting service in Pune city.


Things to do Before Moving

To get rid of any tension before shifting there are many thongs that you should do before moving.

If these things are pending then there high chances that you will be facing problems related to these things in your new home. To get tension-free in the new home that is from your previous home or location there are some things that you should need to do before I to a new location or home. To make a fresh start free from the tensions of past location.

Following are the things that you should be doing before moving

1.Pay Your Pending Bills

You should be paying all of your pending bills related to anything from utilities to any other stuff.
By paying all of the pending bills you can get assured that nothing is pending from your previous location or home this will help you to make a new start at your new home or location and will help you to concentrate on your future work rather than thinking about any pending payment.

2. Sell the Unnecessary Things

By selling anything unnecessary or old from your previous location not only helps you in reducing your luggage and the price of shifting the luggage it will also allow you to add new things to your new home or location.
As I mean above, by selling unnecessary stuff you can save a lot of money while shifting your house or location. This also provides you additional space in your new home and will help in making a fresh start there.

3. Find New School/College in New Location

If you are a parent and shifting your home then it is necessary for you to look for a school, college, or any kind of educational institution in your new neighborhood.

You can’t send your children to old school because this will only make them tired and by which they can’t be able to concentrate on their studies. You must get find a great school or college according to your child’s needs so that they can easily concentrate on their studies.

4. Search for your new location on the Internet:

To stay connected with the world or if you’re running a business it is must necessary for you to get a great internet connection according to your needs.

Try to get a new internet connection at your new location or home before leaving the previous home to get connected to the world as soon as you reach there this is a must to do the thing.
By getting an internet connection you can start your work as soon as you reach your new location.

5. Do the Repair Work at New Location

Before leaving your previous location or home make sure that everything in the new location is fixed and working in great condition so that you can get rid of the tension of any repair works.

If anything is broken or something else try to repair it before you leave your previous location and by this, you will save a lot of your time and can focus on other things like on your work or you can spend some time with your family in the new location.

6. Make New Friends in New Location (Social Media)

Before leaving your previous location you should be going to your new location and try to interact with the people living in your new locality.

This will help you to make new friends and get to know your neighbors very well. By interacting with new people will also help you to make a great impression on your new neighbors and you can also get to know them very well.

7. Change Address on Documents

Before leaving your previous location always change the location on your documents and add the address of the new location.
By doing this you can make tension free new start at your new location with all new address. This will help you in many different ways.

Why From AskNavigator?

Relocating to a new location is a difficult task without Hiring any Professional Packers and movers. But We are accomplishing your dream to relocate to a new location Safely and without any hustle. Our team is working to make Relocation service safe and easy for Consumers.

1. Only Verified Packers

Hundreds of fraud are reported monthly in India, and Being Safe from these frauds is not Easy. You can be the next victim to these frauds if you take safety lightly when relocating. You may find many fraudsters on Google and other websites. So to move Safely, handle your belongings only to businesses you find on Asknavigator. We have verified all the documents of the companies listed on our websites.

2. Remove the Listing if Ratings Below 4 Star

Thousands of consumers from all over India use Asknavigator to hire movers. These Consumers help us to onboard the best movers & packers from all over India. And We Monitor the Deals and take reviews from the consumers and filter out the Bad Rated businesses from our platform.
We take feedback from the old customer very seriously. If we see any sign of bad quality service, we instantly remove the packers from our listing.

3. Instant Quotations

Asknavigator’s Team is very rapid regarding their Service providing capabilities. As soon as you fill in all the information on the Asknavigator’s official website, you will get quotations from the Best packers and movers companies near your location with in the next 2-15 minutes.

4. Compare Prices & Policies

We help you to save money on Relocation service by comparing 3-5 companies’ pricing and policies. So you can estimate the range of cost on Service and select the one from them. Moreover, with the Pricing Table of charges, you might evaluate relocating the household kinds of stuff.

5. Less Price

We Monitor the quotations offered by the Movers & Packers listed on Asknavigator. We have a strict policy if any business tries to overcharging the price for Service. Along with it, you get quotations from 3 different companies, and this competition also helps you to do the relocation at affordable rates.

6. Fixed Rates

As you know, we take feedback from our customers. If we notice any unethical increase in the bill amount of customers. We remove that vendor from our list.

7. Reviews

Asknavigator always asks for feedback to help the next consumer. You can view the reviews of every packers and movers company by old clients on the asknavigator website. Moreover, if the consumers are giving bad feedbacks about any particular packers and movers business, in that case, that business Will be removed from the Asknavigator’s website.

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Packers & Movers in Pune Faqs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that our customers asked you can check them out if you have any questions or queries. These answers will definitely help you to understand any questions that are going through your mind if there is anything other than these feel free to ask on AskNavigator.

Use Asknavigator To find trusted movers you need to check their rating and customer satisfaction and also search on the internet about those shifting services.
The charges of them depend upon many factors and we can't tell you the exact price of shifting services you can check estimation by yourself on AskNavigator.
It depends on whom you ask, you can find it out on AskNavigator by checking movers, and by finding top-rated ones.
Yes, Packers Movers in Pune do provide unloading services to their customer but it takes extra money to unload on a higher floor.
To get a price estimate of movers you can check packers and movers available in Pune on AskNavigator and get a price estimate.
Yes, AskNavigator provides you with Free price estimation features in Pune for Local Movers & Packers .

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