Terms and Conditions for Businesses

Asknavigator is helping businesses to get more customers. Every business owner connected with us for purpose of getting more business must agree with our terms and conditions.

Following are the terms & conditions to using asknavigator but not limited to these.

1. Starting with us

You must pay the full amount for the deal to start getting leads. We can take up to 5 working days to add you in the slot.

2. Personal KYC

You must have to provide your authentic personal documents to us. we can ask you for documents multiple times and also can verify your details from our end.

3. Package Content

Package Content and price decided on the basis of the cost of the lead generation process at that time.
it may vary by time and location. We can change the Package content at any time of contract with 1-day prior notice.

4. Daily Quantity

Lead generation depends on many factors due to this nature sometimes you will get few leads and sometimes you will not get any leads. If you select daily 5 leads it may vary between 0-15 leads.

5. Invalid lead

In case of an invalid lead, you will get free replacements in only the following conditions.

  • if the customer is unreachable
  • not queried for the service
  • bought the service from another mover before you get the information of the customer

in general, we verify invalid leads from our side but sometimes you have to provide some proof of invalid lead. In case of dispute, our team decision will be the last, whether the lead is invalid or not.

6. Refund Policy

A refund policy is only available for packages above 6,000 only in certain cases defined on our refund policy page.

7. Cancellation of Contract

if we notice any unusual activity by the business that harms the Asknavigator or any of its associated in any way, we have reserved full rights to cancel the contract. Asknavigator also reserves the right to charge you a penalty for breaking the terms or Cancellation of the Contract.

Following are the some of reason that can cause the cancellation of the contract

  1. Fraud with customer
  2. Charging extra money
  3. Misbehaving with the customer
  4. Bad feedback from customer
  5. Misbehaving with our team
  6. Try to defame our company
  7. Gift Legal issues to the company
  8. Provided any wrong information to asknavigator
  9. Try to harm asknavigator in any way
  10. Sharing Customer Information with other
  11. Call 1 Customer from more than 1 mobile number
  12. Try to quote more than 1 time to the customer
  13. Reselling of Leads

these are some causes but not limited to these.

8. These activities are not allowed to do

  • Calling Customers From Multiple Numbers
  • Sharing the Lead Information With any other person (Very Strict)
  • Charging customers more than the quoted amount
  • Trying to to any kind of fraudulent activity with customer or Company

9. Updating the Terms & Conditions Page

we reserved the rights to update terms and conditions page without any prior notice.