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How Do Packers and Movers Works?

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  • January 22, 2023

They will pack your goods, load them into the vehicle, transport them to the drop location & unload your goods at your new place.

Looks Simple?

But it is not as simple as it looks. There are lots of complexities involved in this Process. Let's discuss this in detail How do Packers and Movers Work?

We Will Understand the Whole Process in 8 points with their complexities.

Step 1: Finding Customer

The first step is to find new customers every day. They have to depend on multiple external sources to find new customers because returning customer rate is lower in this industry because of the service type.

They try to list their business on multiple local directories and platforms like AskNavigator to get new customers. The platforms charge some fee for every lead. To be profitable, they must maintain a minimum 10%-20% conversion rate.

Step 2: Win the Price War

This service is costlier than it looks because it involves multiple unnoticeable costs. So even the actual cost seems higher to customers.  

They also have to win price battles from their competitors due to a lack of differentiation factors in the industry.

Because of that, packers and movers have to work on shallow margins.

Step 3: Home Survey

Not all packers and movers do home surveys. Still, it is beneficial for the packer mover because this home survey helps them to know the following details.

  • Which vehicle is required? 
  •  How much packing material is needed?
  •  How many labour resources are required?
  •  Is there a parking space?
  •  Good Value to Calculate Insurance Price
  •  Is it easy to load items?
  •  What types of packing materials are needed?
  •  Get Other Missign Details

These are some questions that the packer movers want to get answered. Some People use video calls or ask for all the details on call from you.

They analyze that details and quote you again with the exact price for the service.

This Home survey also helps the packer mover build a stronger bond with you, so they get the deal. 

They also want some token amount at this point, and that's completely okay.

Tip: Discuss All the Payments Terms at this Point

Step 4: Shifting Arrangement

This step involves arranging the labour, vehicle, and packing material for your shifting date. Your Packers Mover will book all the things for your shifting date. It also involves negotiations with third parties.

Step 5: Shifting Date

They will reach your home on the shifting date with the labour, packing material, and vehicle. If you want to change the shifting date, you can also request that before they come to your home.

Step 6: Packing & Loading

They will start packing your Luggage one by one. It may take 1 hour to one day depending on your goods. During this time you can do whatever you want.

Tip: During that, you can take photos & videos of that, so you have proof if anything is missing at delivery.

After Packing all the Luggage, they will load it into the vehicle and issue receipts for your luggage checklist, Insurance & Bill etc. 

They will also take your signature on some documents to confirm the luggage list and other terms.

Note: Read everything carefully before signing anywhere.

After that, they may ask you to pay 40%-80% of the payment depending on the packers mover. 

Then they will leave your place.

Tip: Try to pay via online payment methods.

Step 7: Transportation

Many times everything goes very fluently. You get live updates, on-time delivery, and Luggage in the same condition.

If all goes well, the packer's task is to call the driver and get updates, But Sometimes, it becomes a nightmare. How?

The primary thing to understand here is that many people are involved in this Process. People Involved in this Process are the following:

  • Packer Mover
  •  Transporter
  •  Broker
  •  Vehicle Owner
  •  Driver

Not everyone is involved in every case, but this is the general hierarchy.

But the critical point is that everyone has to suffer if anyone makes any mistake. In this case, Insurance is your Best friend, so don't avoid that to save some chunk.

At this point, the packers mover must get all things done in case of any misshaping. But it would be best if you also cooperated because everything is not in his hand.

Step 8: Delivery & Unloading

After Reaching the truck, your packers movers will arrange the labour to unload the goods. At this point, they will also ask you to pay the remaining amount.

After that, you have to check if all the items are okay. But, if everything is okay, you can review the packer's movers. If Luggage is broken, you must be patient and coordinate with packers and movers to claim that on Insurance.

Wrapping Up

It may be hectic for you, but it's typical for the packers and movers to go with these steps. If you want someone to do all these things in the best way, then AskNavigator is always there for you. 

AskNavigator Will help you hire the Most Affordable and Trusted Packers and Movers. 

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