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10 Helpful tips to protect yourself from Shifting frauds

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  • November 9, 2022

Have you faced any fraud or got cheated by someone? Well, it is becoming common for people to screw each other.

Everyone works hard to acquire more money, but some choose the dark path. We have seen or heard of various kinds of fraud, such as banking fraud, credit card fraud, OTP fraud (hint- Jamtara), WhatsApp fraud, infected link fraud, Etc. The packers and movers industry is no exception.

It ranked 7th in terms of the number of fraud cases per year. The packers and movers industry have an 8% market share in all fraud cases. Even in the industry, there is a 57% chance of getting scammed by packers and movers in some way. It becomes necessary to identify fraud.

Here we are providing 10 tips to save you from shifting frauds. But before that, let's understand the types of fraud you are most likely to face.

Types of shifting frauds that customers are facing.

There are many types of fraud done by packers and movers. They always find various ways to earn more money through little and fraudulent activities. But two shifting fraud techniques are commonly used among them.

Low-cost Fraud

Suppose you are calling a packer and mover for shifting work. You discuss your requirements, and they quote you a high price. You disagree on the price and cut the call. After some time, you will receive a call from someone ready to work with you at a very low cost.

This person is a salesman of the earlier packer and mover you called. You believe them, finalize the deal, and your shifting work starts. After paying some advance money, they will pack and load your goods on the truck for delivery.

But the delivery is not done on a decided day. So, you called them. Packer and mover have taken your goods in their control and are demanding five times more money than quoted price.

With weak moving laws and inefficiency in the system, you will not file a complaint against him. You will pay 5x more without any alternative to save your valuable and essential goods. It is known as a low-cost trap.

Legal quotation Fraud

Many packers and movers are using shady techniques to commit legal fraud. They will charge you for the hidden service you don't need. The Quotation will have fancy words for packing materials, but packers use low-quality materials for packing.

Some of them even charge money for fake insurance from the customers. You must be aware of some hidden clauses in the written quotation agreement. Some policies will not hold them liable for any loss or damage of goods.

It can happen due to accidents, ignorance of labor, employer dishonesty, and rash driving. They will use any legal method to perform fraud and save themselves from future liabilities.

Now, look at the Top 10 crucial ways to save you from shifting fraud.

1.   Check their online presence and read reviews.

All of us are searching for packers and movers on the internet. Their online presence is easily visible. Check their google my business and read their reviews.

Packers and movers don't need to have a website. Having a simple google my business is enough, but it should be verified. Read their reviews carefully. You will detect the fake ones among them.

2.   Hire Asknavigator for house or office shifting

It is a no-brainer solution for you. Asknavigator offers reliable and verified packing and moving services at affordable prices. They have expertise in house shifting, office shifting, warehouse shifting, car shifting, Etc.

Till now, they have done 10,000+ shifts across India. Our customers have never faced any fraud. Whether you want local shifting, intercity shifting, or international shifting, Asknavigator can do it perfectly without committing fraud.

3.   Verify all the business documents

The credibility of any business relies on its verified documents. Packers and movers have many different business-related documents. The essential documents you must verify are a Pan card, Aadhar card, Business bank passbook, GST registration, and MSME certification.

You can even verify the GST registration number by visiting the government website. It will ensure your safety from fraud. Asknavigator does the verification for you..

4.   Read quotation carefully

Packers and movers provide early estimated price quotations to you. Read their Quotation carefully. Check the services you are getting charged for. Confirm whether you are using any particular service mentioned in the Quotation.

The most important thing is insurance coverage. If you are shifting to a long-distance destination, insurance is advisable. But avoid it for short distances or local shifting.

5.   Check for hidden charges.

Many packers and movers have hidden charges in their Quotations that they don't mention earlier. You will get charged for additional services you don't need, such as using a pulley to lift the household goods in the upper floor house apartment, Labour tips, Vehicle Maintenance, Individual trucks, and expensive packing materials.

Hidden charges are not mentioned in the estimated price quotation. It is included in the Invoice for further payments.

6.   Ask for legal quotation agreements on business email.

If you are doing legal work, you are bound to get benefits by law. Request your packers and movers to send legal quotation agreements. The agreement should be sent through business email as proof of a mutual deal.

The legal documents give you the right to file a complaint in case of fraud. Read all the policies and clauses carefully. Even a minor clause can affect you if you are facing fraud.

7.   Avoid low-quality packing materials.

High-quality packing materials protect your goods from any loss and damage. For long-distance shifting, better quality packing materials give better protection. Many packers and movers are promising high-quality materials but using low quality to save costs.

The cheap ones can bring disaster to your household goods. Try to avoid low-quality packing. Only use those packing boxes that are mentioned in quotation agreements.

8.   Record your conversation on a phone call

Suppose a packer and mover have done fraud with you. You filed a complaint about him to the police station or consumer forum. He disregarded the legal quotation agreement and your shifting work.

Your recorded discussion call will become primary proof of fraud in this situation. Neither packer & mover will deny it, nor do you have to produce other evidence. So, always record your discussion call.

9.   Verify your insurance protection

We have already mentioned insurance coverage fraud. But do you know that there are two types of moving insurance?

Transit insurance and full moving insurance. Transit insurance only covers the loss or damage of declared goods while in transit. Full moving insurance covers the total damage of goods due to natural calamities or human errors throughout the process.

Packer and movers put some clauses in the Quotation to avoid any compensation in case of loss or damage. So, take insurance coverage and verify it. Be aware that insurance is taken from certified companies. Otherwise, many people have already suffered from fake insurance.

10.  Ask for a recommendation from friends and family.

If you still have trust issues even after applying all the nine tips, Take referrals from family and friends who have done house shifting earlier. The recommendation will resolve your trust issues, and you will know about their past work experience. There will be no misguide in between.

If you ask our customers, they will recommend Asknavigator. Our 10,000+ customers and 300+ packers are our marketers. You will receive multiple services with affordable options. There will be no hint of fraud in our offerings.

Bonus:- Pay through cheque or credit card

You can have one bonus tip if you have read till the end. Never ever make cash payments to packers and movers. It is advisable to use either cheques or credit cards. There are chances that packers and movers might run away with your cash. Paying through cheque and credit card gives you security to block the transaction in case of fraud.


Asknavigator is putting efforts into educating people about shifting frauds. These tips will help you protect yourself from fraud. Be active in identifying the fraud. It is our responsibility to save you. Asknavigator is always ready to do affordable and fast-moving service.

Till then, we wish you happy move.

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