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10 Important things to remember while shifting out of the city

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  • November 9, 2022

Cities are great places to attract opportunities and stable lifestyles. We often hear people migrating from one city to another in search of economic opportunities. Out-of-city migration has become a trend for a better life. These house shiftings are primarily due to the rise in the Indian economy and the freedom of job switching.

Leaving your city reminds us of an underdog who had moved to another town to achieve success. You might be shifting to a new city because of job change, business opportunities, or transferable jobs in banking, the army, and the government.  

Out-of-city Moving experience is painful. Our memories are attached to its people, surroundings, culture, and favorite places. But our ignorant nature can increase the pain by 10 times. So to avoid the pain, Remember these 10 important things when you are shifting out of the city. Otherwise, Mistakes and regrets remain forever.

1. Explore and Research your new place

Every city has its merit, good and bad. The important thing is you should know about it. Explore the city and different places to understand the lifestyle. Visit the crucial areas of the city and find necessary services around it.

Your city should have a police station, firefighters, hospitals, and low crime rates. The availability of public transport and healthcare at night is a wonderful city to live in. Of course, Tourist places, entertainment venues, and night lifestyle are a plus point. 

2. Make connections with your neighbors and local vendors.

House hunting is tiring work. You must contact property dealers and visit many houses to finalize the desired one. All of us want comfort in our new home. Basic things like 24 water supply & electricity connection, a hygienic area, furnished rooms, a balcony, and a proper sewage system are must pointers (even though the pointers are still a dream for many Bangalorean and Mumbaikars).

But we consider that you have already found a new house. Look at local vendors and helpers like Sweepers, Guards, Grocery shops, Dairy shops, Utensils, house cleaners, Etc. These people are valuable and helpful to you. Befriend neighbors and make good relationships with them. Otherwise, Who will invite you to house gatherings or cricket shows?

3. Have a proper moving plan

To organize yourself better, you need a proper moving plan. Planning will help you identify the tasks associated with moving. It gives the freedom to choose a shifting day, hire packers and movers, do house cleaning, Repair, and make new purchases for the new house.

To do shifting carefully, set aside some days for a particular task. Assign Monday for purchasing the best quality material, Tuesday for appliance repair, and so on. It eases your work and removes the burden from your head.  

4. Clear Utility Service Bills

As you move out of your city, you will no longer need Electricity, Gas connection, water supply, Internet connections, Etc. Clear your utility bills and cancel your subscription as soon as possible.

You can change the service location to a new house for a better option. It will take one month to change the location. Otherwise, the Utility will be unused and become an expense for you.

5. Update your address

A new place means new experiences and new documents. You should change your address in all your school, college, and government records. All the updates will take time to process.

If you use services like Post Office, Online shopping, Insurance, Banking, Credit cards, Etc., they should be updated with your new address. It is the most important thing on your checklist.

6. List the goods and declutter

You are ready to shift if you have done the above tasks because It takes time and effort to complete them. Before hiring any packer and mover, create a list of all household goods.

The list should contain all the household goods. After that, declutter them according to their importance and necessity. Heavy furniture and electronic goods should be separated from others and so on.

7. Keep the valuable goods in your bag.

Consider that you have decluttered and separated all the goods. Now, it is time to check the valuable and essential goods. Valuable goods are laptops, Jewellery, Ornaments, expensive gifts, Etc. Keep them in your moving bag. These things are vulnerable and easy to steal. You better take care of it yourself.

Moving will take 2-3 days in a shared truck, so you will need essential goods like a cleaning bag, a makeup kit, some sets of clothes, bathing kits, Etc. These goods will help you in emergencies.

8. Sell or Donate unnecessary things.

All heavy and necessary goods are separated. You have kept valuable and essential goods to yourself. It is time to sell some things that are not useful to you. Items like old chairs, plants, old furniture, tables, Etc. Sell them to the individual or on platforms like Olx and Quikr if you don’t find them necessary.

Some people even throw their Clothes, Blankets, Pillow, and mattresses. You can donate them to needy ones. These people need your old things. Textile goods will become helpful for them rather than being thrown away.

9. Clean and Repair electronic appliances

You have completed all the major tasks. Your focus should be on cleaning the house. Dispose of the goods in the refrigerator, eat all your groceries, and don’t buy new ones. Clean the house and every primary electronic appliance like AC, refrigerator, and washing machine.

Check for any leakage before shifting. Repair all the leakage and defects. Otherwise, the electronic appliances will get ruined while shifting. Disassemble the electronic goods and take photos to remember the assembling process.

10. Hire Packers and Movers from Asknavigator

Congratulations, you have completed all the checklists. You should get a reward. But right now, you have to finish just a small task. Hire Asknavigator for your packing and moving services. It will take 10 minutes to hire reliable and affordable packers and movers.

Asknavigator has done 3 Authenticity checks on all reliable packers and movers. We have verified their business documents, personal documents, and work performance. You don’t have to wrestle for it. Our company doesn’t tolerate any fraud packers and movers.


We have tried our best to make you aware of all the possible things. These 10 important things should be on your checklist while shifting out of the city. We intend to ease your life and make your shifting journey effortless.

Asknavigator always strives hard to provide quality moving service. Our 700+ monthly customers are our testimonials of security and fast moving.

So, best of luck with your new experience, and we wish you a happy move.

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