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7 Money Saving Hacks during House Shifting

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  • November 9, 2022

Isn't it frustrating to pay a large sum for household shifting? When you can save enough money to buy an iPhone. Not many of us want to pay high shifting charges. So, Let's look at some other alternatives to save our money.

In this article, we will help you to identify the things that can save you money. You can save money in the process of house shifting. Even a person with large household luggage can use money saving hacks for his moving.

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Top 7 Money saving hacks during House Shifting

1. Plan your Moving ahead

Before starting your moving process, you should plan. The planning will give you clear ideas on what needs to be done first and how to proceed further. Deciding your moving date, decluttering your Luggage, identifying the necessary Luggage, and eliminating the others are some of the essential things.

Moving has primarily 4 components in it, such as Inspection, Packing, Loading, and Delivery. Our goal is to do a proper inspection to get a collective idea of the process. Through the process, you can spot the money saving opportunity in between, which we will understand further.

2. Keep Important and Minimal Luggage

After planning, we will create a list of household luggage and segregate them into important, usable, and trash. We have to keep minimal and important Luggage for moving. It will help to reduce shifting costs and luggage handling issues.

So, how can we decide that? The important Luggage will ease your life, such as Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Cooler, Kitchen Utensils, Almirah, Etc. The usable things are Groceries, Plants, Carpets, mattresses, Old Clothes, Etc. that are unnecessary. You can donate it to needy ones. At last, trash luggage should be avoided and thrown away, such as Stored food, Snacks, broken furniture, Etc.

3. Keep some luggage to yourself

There is some luggage which you can keep to yourself. Jewellary, laptops, Small electronic gadgets, Clothes, Bathing, and Hygiene kits should be in your moving bag. You can keep them to yourself.

These things are necessary and valuable in an emergency. Once all the luggage is sorted and segregated, it will become easy for you to negotiate with packers and movers to reduce shifting costs.

4. Do Self Packing using reusable materials

Now, the Luggage is sorted. You already have an idea about luggage quantity. This will make it easy for you to self pack some luggage. Order the packaging boxes through the eCommerce portal. But which type of packing material is suitable? We have got it covered here.

Don’t do the packaging of heavy and sensitive things. Focus only on small items. Keep all the kitchen utensils in Almirah. Cover the Almirah with bubble wrap and place it into corrugated boxes. Purchase a big trunk box for small things, such as photo frames, government documents, and personal belongings.

5. Choose Regular Moving Days

Plan your moving day. It can reduce your shifting cost. Moving in the summer is not a good idea. Many people have summer vacations. Also, the New financial year starts in April. Many people switch their jobs. So, it is a lucrative time for moving to another place. Don’t choose summers for moving.

Even weekends and festive seasons have a high demand for house moving. The cost will rise by 2 or 3 times. It is advisable to move on a regular day. Tuesday to Friday are the best days for moving. But many people got trapped at the start or end of the month. All of us have a rental contract till month end. There will be a rush for shifting. The middle of the month can be a prime time for cost reduction and fast delivery.

6. Pick Shared Transportation

Many of us go for personal transportation because of safe and fast delivery. Although the intention is good, it can increase your shifting charges. That’s why Shared transportation is a better option. But How will shared transportation save money?

Shared transportation is helpful during long-distance moving. Movers take shipments of 3-4 households on similar routes in a large truck. This truck will further store your Luggage in a common warehouse facility for protection. Then, different household luggage will be delivered to their respective destination. Overall, it will save you money by 20-30%.

7. Keep Moving Invoices for Tax benefits

This money saving hack is more straightforward to execute than others. Whenever you are hiring any packer and mover, lawfully deal with them. Make a contract with them and ask for a Moving invoice.

Once you have a moving invoice, you can easily avail yourself of tax benefits. Add this moving invoice as your expense. You can save your taxes, and it will directly help you with cost reduction.

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